Red Tiger Eye and Tibetan Agate Mala

$ 90.00

8mm Red Tiger Eye and Tibetan Agate beads with 6mm African White Opal beads,  4mm Copper spacer beads framing the Opal beads at the quarter and three quarter mark, and a single Copper spacer marking the midpoint of the design. The guru bead is a 15 x 30mm barrel-shaped Tibetan Agate bead. This mala measures 24” from the top bead to tassel tip.

Intention: Awaken your root chakra and passions with this powerful design. This mala fosters healing, wisdom, courage, discernment, and inspiration. The Tibetan Agate beads and Guru promote healing, courage, and protection. Find your ground and stay rooted and connected with this mala. 

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